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At Banning, we work to protect the environment both inside and outside our offices. We promote internal sustainability initiatives throughout our facilities and offer world-class business solutions to our customers. Banning engineers deliver our IT Services and understand that "green" is not optional--it must be integrated into each technology solution. We incorporate energy conservation and sustainability as focal points of our consulting, design and assurance practices. And that’s why we are actively involved in planning, designing and testing solutions that are environmentally friendly, highly reliable and cost-effective.

 Check out this press release about our partnership with Redwood Systems.


Redwood Systems’ building-performance lighting solutions facilitate lower cost, higher-performing workplaces. Redwood has developed the world’s only smart building platform that powers and controls lights and a high-density sensor grid providing both best-in-class energy savings averaging 75% and granular monitoring of space utilization, temperature and power consumption. This award-winning approach uses patented networking technology and a low-voltage DC architecture for high reliability and scalability as well as low cost installation. With a growing roster of market-leading customers and partners, Redwood is building a reputation for customer success worldwide.